We think.
We communicate.
We deliver.

We are entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers, first, and consultants, second.  It makes all the difference. We think, act, and partner very differently than consultants who help entrepreneurs.

We’ll be there beside you and behind you, from the start to the end. We’ll be there to help you move your ideas, your story, and your venture from where it is to where you want it to go.

We do much of our work remotely, and when together, we work in a collaborative space that helps to bring together the best of our technical, creative, and business thoughts

Like many of our clients and best talents, we enjoy pushing the envelope to create something new, together.

Mike Nabavi
Principal, Nabavi Advisory

As a Technology Company Entrepreneur and CEO, I experience complexities in moving a company from start-up to growth. It is difficult to find pertinent advice. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Nabavi Advisory. 

They understand the nuances and challenges as they are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves and professionals involved with all aspects of business development (including navigating government programs). 

Not only did they give me the advice I needed, but they were “hands-on” in directing me to financial and resource supports to further our business. With Nabavi Advisory by our side, we have the strength to move quickly, the wisdom to mitigate risks, and the resources to accomplish our goals.

Joy Case
CEO, Lava Blockchain Technologies

I joined Nabavi Advisory because, added to my preference towards risk-taking ventures and creative entrepreneurship, I felt the most welcome within an environment of mutual trust.

Carlos Montes
Full-Stack Engineer

I worked with many teams and on many projects, including Mercedes Benz, Samsung, the United Nations, and many small businesses. In comparison, what I love about Nabavi Advisory is its great management and its high-quality projects.

Pooya Salahi
Interactive Design Pattern Engineer

Mike at Nabavi Advisory is an awesome Visionary and has an amazing ability to innovate problem solve and execute projects successfully. It was my pleasure working with Mike for so many years and I enjoyed working with him.

Mike Qureshi
CEO, QInfotech Solutions

Careers & Internships

We are a diverse team of strategists, technologists, and marketers. We work with clients in Media Tech, FinTech, Green Tech, and Health Tech. We are always interested in meeting and working with part-time and full-time employees or contractors. We are located in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver, BC, and many of our people choose to work remotely.


The work is collaborative, and we enjoy working with team members who are comfortable with first figuring out and then sharing what they think should be done vs. waiting for others to tell them what to do.