Helping build the future

The work we do leverages our experience as tech entrepreneurs and founders who have built, sold, and lost companies.

Corporate Development (Manage it)

You have an idea that solves a problem that people want to buy, and investors want to invest in it. But, you really don’t know till you test the market and pitch your deck. We’ll be sounding-board and will help you put in place inexpensive and fast ways to test the product-market-fit. Then we’ll help you share your product and business stories in a way that customers and investors like to see. Along the way, we’ll help you manage the rest of your business.

Market Assessment
Startup Canvas Collaboration
Business Model Exploration
Business Plan & Pitch Deck Development
Investor-Ready Assessment
CFO Services
SR&ED and Grant Applications
Investor Introductions

Product Development​ (Build it)

There is a lot to do, and you have limited resources. You plan wisely, build rapidly, adjust to opportunities, and go to market. You repeat the process until you have a product or service that many people want to use. Our agile and lean development approach creates smart, secure, and scalable technology that can work for you and your users. We use advanced approaches and tools to get you to market faster and at a lower cost. We design in a modular manner so that your infrastructure, features, functionalities, and services can grow with you easily.

Product Design
User Experience
Product-Market-Fit Testing
Product Roadmap
MVP & Beta Development
Web & Mobile Applications
Resource Augmentation

Product Marketing (Market it)

You have a product or a service that you want to sell, and lots of it, and at an optimum price. What you call it, how you talk about it, and how you present it is the difference between people buying your product and service or not. We’ll help you dig deep to understand your business, audience, and landscape to find the unique story that stands out that people want to buy.  We’ll then help you put marketing and sales strategies and programs that can reach your audience and convert them to users or customers.

Brand Story
Visual Branding
Marketing Websites
Marketing & Sales Strategy
Marketing & Sales Program Management